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I had always wanted to be a teacher. Finally, my degree in broadcast journalism was paying off because as a college graduate I make more than a high school graduate. Oh, yes I made a big goof as an year-old in college but I am still young enough to have another career. When I read content like this, I reflect on people buying lottery tickets. I would love to know some of the stories behind those who win money suddenly. I must say I was alarmed to read some of the negatives above.

How sad when you have the money to retire. I would like to think that the positives strongly outweigh the negatives. Dont have to care about the medicare thing and such ;-. I totally relate to the fact that I miss those perks even though I can pay for them myself now.

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I am no longer the go-to person so I volunteer to help out where I can to have some people contact. I am glad that you wrote this so that others in a similar position can relate. A separate q: why is your equity allocation so low you have enough to live on so you can afford to put more in the market and get a better return. You are also young enough to ride out the recessions as long as you are not dependent on the equity allocation.


I found my balance, and I sleep well at night. Hi Sam, I had a corporate sales job for about 10 yrs and retired in when I was I did it through the stock market.

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The stock market allowed me to achieve not only financial freedom but time freedom; there is a huge difference. I spend most of my time raising my 2 yr old daughter and a little bit of my time now to help others achieve time freedom. A good friend of mine Chris Hanson invited me to join him in doing a podcast to spread the message about time freedom and discuss the mindset it takes to achieve time freedom. I was curious to see what was discussed online regarding time freedom and early retirement.

I did a search and stumbled upon your site.

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Feel free to reach out to Chris Hanson or me. I have no intention to solicit or advertise anything with this post.

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I found you by accident online and connect with your story and know I can help you. I can relate to your article very much and I am based in Singapore! Prop13 keeps property taxes very low in California, and if a good portion of your portfolio is tax deferred, the tax bite is also much lower than when working. Also, remember, there is no Social Security or Medicare to pay for once you retire. Tell me about your experience retiring early in an expensive city. I would guess that every retiree wonders about income during retirement at some point. I would. My husband decided to start his own business so he could be his own boss, make a big salary and retire.

Unfortunately, not much happened in that realm. He works overtime as much as he can. For me, I finally took a management position. Retirement is another chapter in the book of Life. Was the journey worth the destination? Only you can decide. I love me a challenge.

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Hi Sam, you are very spot on about the confusing feelings after early retirement. After 2 months of early retirement, I panicked and got a new job. I see how my, yes, micromanaging supervisor, is neurotically losing his temper here and there, and have submitted my resignation after just a year and a bit, now at But the immediate feelings are intense.

Maybe I will not make it to full retirement even this time, but I do hope so. Its severely messed up.

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As soon as I walk outside from the office and feel the breeze, I know I am on the right track; and was so happy to see your message in my inbox. Will persevere. Best of luck to you Suzie! At last you tried early retirement and did things you thought was best. I think your third negative happens a lot more to people who FIRE than to people who retire at or closer to normal retirement age. Never felt like a misfit, but reactions from others were generally of surprise I look younger than I am , but never made me feel uncomfortable.

These days now 56 reactions are less of surprise especially once I tell them my age. No issues whatsoever with the transition. Never been happier. Dear wife and I travel a lot and go to the gym together when home. Well, it is not. You find a way to fill your days with lots of fun and interesting things to do. Work is necessary to build the nest egg to allow you to live the rest of your life.

Once retired go and live your life. I never, ever think about work or what I would be doing if I were working. The later you retire in the early retirement spectrum, the less weird you will feel simply because you are moving closer to the norm. Hmm, now to get my wife to join me in regular exercise. That would be fun! Gotta go hiking together again. You need to meet more people.

I know several who, like me, retired early and have enjoyed a fulfilling life. I retired at 56 from an engineering carreer at a global corporation, and never seriously condidered re-employment. Ten years have passed and my life is full and happy. The key is to have a strong self-identity not dependent upon a job title, a plan for financial independence, and diverse interests and commitments.

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Of course there is an adjustment, just as all major life events require adjustments. Plan for it. Thanks for sharing. You are the first person I met who ended up relaxing and doing nothing after retiring. Expanding my perspective is one of the key reasons why I write. HS tennis coaching, fintech consulting, blogging, foster care volunteering. My answer to the above is … long before you cut the cord, start your own company, XYZ Alliance Contractors as an example , get others to freelance for you, paying them but not yourself and build a profile of activities which you can talk about in public.

And then, what do you do with the remaining 12 hours per day? I went though all the negatives of retiring early. I even wondered what the neighbors would think when they saw me at home all day long until I realized that half the neighbors had work-at-home jobs, even though they worked for major employers.