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Both had derailed, and the car was tilted halfway onto its side. They worked primarily in the first passenger car. After several hours of searching for the living, they turned their attention to recovering the dead. Here is their account.

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Captain Tom Yost : We got there maybe 30 minutes after the crash. We see that front car at a degree angle. The metal of the car is peeled back. His legs are stuck. We were holding him.

cross to bear

We were touching him, and we got a definite reaction. Parts of someone who died are next to him and above him. The man who lived will have more ugly thoughts than I think we will. We do some things, and he screams. Little by little. He was in his 20s, I think. We took his briefcase from him.

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I had his cell phone. We worked to get him out, and he came out pretty easily. We put him on a gurney. There was somebody deep in. I think it was a female. This person was trapped, and there were some dead people around her, and we needed to move these bodies, get them totally out of the way, and not in a very pretty fashion.

The priority was the live person. The last thing we want to do is send one of our guys to the hospital. Pushing and pulling and moving the metal, they were able to get her out of there. We took her and lay her in a Stokes litter basket, and we took her out. We went back in. We could see a foot. It was moving, but by the time we released the things around the body, she was gone.

For the people who were closest to the impact, it was pretty immediate. Now we send the dogs in. It was kind of a bummer. We go into recovery mode.

There was nothing that a person could do to prepare himself. The absolute smell, it was overpowering. Diesel fuel mixed with death, blood, human waste, and whatever other contaminants there were. The noise level was—it was like a jet plane right next to you. There are fire apparatuses running diesel motors.

Other tools are cutting and popping and squealing, and metal is bending and squeaking, and radio traffic is coming in, and helicopters are overhead, and sirens in the distance. We Ventura guys relieved L. They wanted to stay in and keep working. These guys were awesome.

Or the head from the body before it is now in the way, and we have to clear it out before we can start on another body. We had to use webbing to wrap body parts. We had to use webbing to stop bodies from coming apart. The guys did a fantastic job. Nobody was squeamish.

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Nobody said anything. They were reverent, they were respectful, and they were thorough. Fire engineer Pedro Arreguin : It was incredible the amount of compassion and patience the guys had. It took an hour and a half to get some of these bodies out. Some were barely hanging together, not by bones, not by ligaments, but by skin. There was a person who was eviscerated right down the middle.

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