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Der amerikanische Architekt Waldman, Amy. Published by Heyne Taschenbuch. New paperback Quantity Available: 1.

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Seller Rating:. Der amerikanische Architekt Paperback Amy Waldman. Published by Heyne Taschenbuch, Germany New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Image. Der amerikanische Architekt Amy Waldman. Published by Heyne Taschenbuch Sep A second project of this kind, an equally fortunate commission which is shortly to be completed, reveals Carsten Roth as a shining hope with proven success at healing. In many city centres the supply of luxury and leisure time facilities increasingly creates an atmosphere similar to that onboard an excursion steamship. But, unlike in a ship, the machine room of the city with its dense arrangement of business and industrial areas cannot be concealed below water level.

The industrial buildings that are so important in terms of raising trade tax but so depressing in terms of architecture or urban design, are positioned along the periphery of the city like a hastily erected corral.

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Urban culture which is available only in the city centre, and even there in a very one-sided way, can only be captured with effort whatever direction you approach them from. The hygienic approach to town planning first conceived in the 18th century and proclaimed in the Charter of Athens in is today revealed as an embarrassingly simplistic way of thinking which has long lost its central argument: the noise and pollution previously associated with industrial production. The interest rates for construction and maintenance would be an unnecessary burden on our products — such monuments to success often end up as tombstones.

On the other hand Walter Henn, the year old Nestor of German industrial building, has consistently pointed out that architectural quality can, by improving the motivation of the workers, also lead to increased economic success. Obviously Carsten Roth was able to convince his clients in both Siek and Barsbuttel of the validity of this hypothesis.

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The result is something highly unusual: an architecture which had to engage the banality of its surroundings but did not lose its strength in the unavoidable process of integration. Instead it emerges from a sea of meaninglessness as a significant model and sovereign pace-maker.

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Carsten Roth developed his architectural language in his Hamburg backyard atelier from an intensive examination of a motor car factory dating from He only wishes to understand what is new if, in the future, the old elements are still to be able to remain tangible. But together with the new showrooms and administration building placed along the road frontage, the old structure becomes a remarkable historical documentation of a building with formal and urban inadequacies that had to be balanced, both spatially and in design terms, in a furiously intense manner.

It may offer you some comfort to know that even Germans have problems with the genitive.

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A common error made by native-speakers of German is to use an apostrophe — English-style — in possessive forms. For non-Germans, there are other genitive problems of more concern. While it is true that the genitive case is used less in spoken German, and its frequency even in formal, written German has declined over the last few decades, there are still many situations when mastery of the genitive is important.

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When you look up a noun in a German dictionary , whether bilingual or German-only, you'll see two endings indicated. The first indicates the genitive ending, the second is the plural ending or form. The first entry is from a paperback all-German dictionary.