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Roger Federer Recollects His Drunk Act at US Open 2008

Texas football discussion led by Marcus Myers, who played between the lines and won championship rings for the Longhorns football program. Your voice for simplicity amongst the chaos, host Bryan Bartow breaks down the latest news to keep it simple for the rest of us.


In the never-ending world of college football recruiting, one of the godfathers of Texas football recruiting has you covered with the lastest on the recruiting scene. Your vote for the topics and an all-star cast of Orangebloods writers and posters, along with the best from the national media get together to answer them.

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August 29, Subscribe Now to Listen. August 23, Episode Pass the hot sauce! August 21, August 8, Episode Football Is Back Your drunk uncle talks about his personal countdown, gives his hilarious Pimp Game advice, plus talks Longhorn football. July 30, July 25, July 23, June 10, June 6, Attending a professional sporting event may pose a serious threat to the relapse prevention efforts of recovering alcoholics.

A new study has found that liquor permeates these events and a high percentage of fans leave games legally drunk. Researchers from the University of Minnesota asked fans exiting 13 baseball games and three football games to submit to a blood alcohol tests. Their results showed that, while the majority of fans had not had anything to drink, 40 percent had elevated blood alcohol levels and another 8 percent were legally drunk.

If these numbers are applied to a professional football game, the researchers said that 5, attendees would be drunk as they head for the exits. This could lead to many instances of driving while intoxicated, which often result in accidents, injuries or death.