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Three Eves (The Marked Series (Eve of Darkness, Eve of Destruction, Eve of Chaos))

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The Marked Trilogy

Day Eve of Destruction Marked Book 2. The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2. Eve of Chaos A Marked Novel 3.

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We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Specifically, Writerspace is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. All rights reserved. The split between the Northern and Southern Baptist organizations arose over doctrinal issues pertaining to slavery and the education of slaves.

At the time of the split, the Southern Baptist group used the curse of Cain as a justification for slavery. Some 19th- and 20th-century Baptist ministers in the Southern United States taught the belief that there were two separate heavens; one for blacks , and one for whites. The curse of Cain was used to support a ban on ordaining blacks to most Protestant clergies until the s in both the United States and Europe [ citation needed ].

The majority of Christian churches in the world, including the Catholic Church , Eastern Orthodox churches, Anglican churches, and Oriental Orthodox churches, did not recognize these interpretations and did not participate in the religious movement to support them. Certain Catholic dioceses in the Southern United States adopted a policy of not ordaining blacks to oversee, administer the sacraments to, or accept confessions from white parishioners. This policy was not based on a "curse of Cain" teaching, but was justified by the widely held perception that slaves should not rule over their masters.

However, this was not approved of by the Pope or by any papal teaching. The Curse of Cain was often conflated with the Curse of Ham.

According to the Bible, Ham discovered his father Noah drunk and naked in his tent, but instead of honoring his father by covering his nakedness, he ran and told his brothers about it. Because of this, Noah cursed Ham's son, Canaan by saying that he was to be "a servant of servants". Genesis One interpretation of this passage states that Ham married a descendant of Cain, who was black, so that the descendants of Canaan were both marked with black skin and cursed to be servants of servants.

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While there is no indication in the Bible of Ham's wife descending from Cain, this interpretation was used to justify slavery and it was particularly popular in North America during the Atlantic slave trade. Modern scholars now believe that the Canaanites are of Semitic origin, and therefore unrelated to black Africans. Mormonism began during the height of Protestant acceptance of the curse of Cain doctrine in North America, as well as the even more popular curse of Ham doctrine.

Like many North Americans, [26] [27] Mormons of the 19th century commonly assumed that black Africans had Cain's "mark" of black skin, [28] and Ham's curse to be servants of servants.

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As related by Abraham O. Smoot after his death, Apostle David W. Patten said he encountered a black man in Paris, Tennessee , who said that he was Cain. The account states that Cain had earnestly sought death but was denied it, and that his mission was to destroy the souls of men.

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Kimball 's The Miracle of Forgiveness. Therefore, although Ham himself had the right to the priesthood, Canaan, his son, did not. Ham had married Egyptus, a descendant of Cain Abraham —24 , and so his sons were denied the priesthood. There is evidence that Joseph Smith did not consider the ban on black men to the priesthood to be relevant in modern times, since he himself and other church leaders close to him ordained black men into it, [35] notably Elijah Abel and Walker Lewis.

Brigham Young the second President of the Church accepted the idea that people of African ancestry were generally under the curse of Cain, and in , he stated that people of black African descent were not eligible to hold the church's priesthood. The spirits of black people fought under Cain and were assigned to be Cain's descendant. Those that fought under Abel were assigned to be Abel's descendants. Cain hoped that by killing his brother, the spirits that were under him would have an advantage over the spirits under Abel.

However, God cursed Cain and his descendants to not have the priesthood until all of Abel's descendants had the priesthood. The spirits of black people understood this and stood with Cain and accepted the punishment. Several of his successors defended it as being a result of the curse of Cain, though some disagreed. Sterling M. McMurrin reported that, in , church president David O. McKay said: "There is not now, and there never has been a doctrine in this church that the negroes are under a divine curse.

There is no doctrine in the church of any kind pertaining to the negro. We believe that we have a scriptural precedent for withholding the priesthood from the negro. It is a practice, not a doctrine, and the practice someday will be changed. And that's all there is to it. Kimball reported receiving a revelation from God allowing all worthy male members of the church to receive the priesthood without regard to race or color.

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  • Although the church had previously been criticized for its policy during the civil rights movement , the change seems to have been prompted by problems facing mixed-race converts in Brazil.