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But apparently these translations of books that are already bestsellers, even literary ones, have to be done under a good deal of time pressure. Maybe that's just another way of reminding us how harsh physical life in that period was. But again, like the other description in a parallel thread, it makes you wonder why, how that happened, where the image is meant to come from. Did people have fingers cut off in war? In torture? In duels? I can't actually think of a plausible explanation, unless maybe 'they' are people in a certain dangerous line of work.

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Reime für Kinder - Finger Family Song - German Nursery Rhymes - Kinderlieder

In doing so, we guarantee full transparency. Solche Wandler haben ver gleichsweise zu einem einfachen Interdigitalwandler mit al ternierend gepolten benachbarten Wandlerfingern jeweils zwei gegebenenfalls auch jeweils drei benachbarte Finger, die gleiche Polung haben, dh mit ein und derselben Sammelschiene elektrisch verbunden sind. Such transducers have to be similarly to a simple interdigital transducer with al ternierend poled adjacent transducer fingers, two and possibly three adjacent fingers, have the same polarity, ie are electrically connected to the same busbar. In conventional regular exporting tion of such a split finger converter alternately follow each other, two or three with the one busbar connected and two or three connected to the other busbar transducer fingers.

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  5. The center distances aufeinanderfol gender transducer fingers of whatever polarity, ie also the finger within a "Split Fingers" and apart from places where transducer fingers are omitted is a quarter or one-sixth of the acoustic wavelength of the surface wave, to which the transducer in question is matched, and that the wavelength of the acoustic wave in the substrate material of the transducer.

    The center distances between adjacent groups of two or three gleichgepolt adjacent fingers, that is, the pitches of the alternating split finger is again equal to half the wavelength as in the simple converters. Another type of transducer with suppressing internal reflections of the ultrasonic waves is the lambda Orittel finger arrangement. Es ist dies ebenfalls ein Interdigitalwandler, bei dem wie beim Splitfinger-Wandler, der eine Fingerkamm mit Sammel schiene doppelte Wandlerfinger hat und sich zwischen benach barten Gruppen solcher doppelten Wandlerfinger je ein Einzel finger des Fingerkamms der anderen Sammelschiene befindet.

    It this is also an interdigital transducer, in which as in the split-finger transducer rail with cardboard has a finger ridge has double transducer fingers and a respective individual finger of the finger ridge of the other bus bar is between Benach disclosed groups of such dual transducer fingers.

    Fingergrup pen. Unfortunately the information does not apply to the terminal Splitfinger- or Fingergrup pen. To achieve nen for these desired suppression of reflexio, it is to be provided EP-A 88 the Subject Author fenden converter with such terms of their finger length from step-sized, terminal transducer fingers that terminal transducer fingers to each other interfering with regard to the reflections interact. However, a disadvantage of such a additional measure is that such a step-shaped design causes the end of a transducer distortions of the phase front of the acoustic wave of the transducer.

    The efficiency of such a measure for suppressing the end of a transducer on kicking unwanted reflections is limited. Weighted finger of the portion of the transducer end are directed with substantial length proportions of these fingers to the major axis of the wave propagation angle so that these fingers wegreflektie addressed with these inclined portions of their finger lengths on impinging ultrasonic waves obliquely reindeer, ie not reflect back into itself.

    Eine noch weitere Methode ist die Trans. IECE Jap.

    German-English translation for "gleiten"

    Vol C S. A still further method is the Trans. Finally, it should be pointed to a method for suppression of reflections of terminal fingers that is be in it, consisting of these two fingers of the two fingers of terminal Split finger the outermost finger obliquely to the main axis direction of wave propagation ge directed perform. This measure has to be accepted that the interference phase front of the acoustic wave of the useful signal occur.

    What does Keine mean?

    Object of the present invention is to ben suits measures to suppress the reflection effects by which such occur at the ends of a transducer, without that other known operational disadvantages arise. This object is achieved by the design of a transducer according to the features of claim 1. Further embodiments of the invention will become apparent from the dependent claims. The present invention is based on the recognition that - based on the conventional scheme the width and positions of the transducer fingers in the interior of the transducer - by varying the finger width and finger positions of the last at the relevant end of the converter transformer finger, preferably the last two to four transducer finger, a satisfactory reflection suppression can be achieved by reflections of these transducer fingers.

    This measure is vorgese especially at the opposing ends of two such transducers a filter hen. The inventive measure, the known phases front distortions are avoided such. As occurs in a version with gradually shortened fingers.

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    In a transducer with a predetermined for the present application structure, eg. It does this with the help of iterative calculation by the method of least squares. It aborts the iteration when a Geo geometry is achieved con- four positionings or finger width deviations gives the satisfactory low reflections the terminal transducer fingers. They are then to be used for the individual case dimensions for the fingers wide and for the incorrect positioning of the selected terminal transducer fingers, that this results in optimized deviations of dimensions and positions of the terminal transducer fingers over the transducer fingers of the scheme of medium-sized transducer fingers.

    Preferably, the terminal transducer finger in question are connected to the same busbar, which is in particular connected to ground.

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    Wave phase fronts are not disturbed by the inventive measure, there is no floating potentials and those inventively guide th transducer or filter can be produced with the usual technological measures lithography.