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There was a fox. It had only two legs and still was crawling on them happily.

The Priest and The Goat

The lazy man thought, how can this fox stay alive in such condition?! Suddenly, he saw the lion coming towards the fox with a piece of meat already in his mouth. But what happened next surprised the lazy man.

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The lion left a piece of meat which was in his mouth for the fox! He thought the god who is the creator of all, always has a plan set to take care of what he created. He felt that god must have something planned for him too. So, he left that place and sat somewhere away alone waiting for someone to feed him too.

God’s Plan for Man Table of Contents

As time starting to pass, he kept looking at the road, waiting for his food. He waited there for 2 days without any food! He met an old sage a wise person famed for wisdom on the way. He told everything happened to the sage. The sage first gave him some food and water. But Son, You took his sign in a wrong way. Moral: Often we misunderstand the signs. God has given everyone a strength and ability to do their part.

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Even though Lazarus was only awakened from death to live a few more years, still this story makes us realize the happiness of the real resurrection when people will come back to live forever on the earth. What was the lie that Eve believed? Describe death. Tell what it is. What is the difference between the awakening of Lazarus and the way the resurrection will be?

Adam was not deceived. I Timothy Before Eve was created, God had told Adam, "In the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die. But Adam ate of the fruit, and knew he had done wrong. God told Adam and Eve how he would punish them during the thousand-year day before they finally died. Read Genesis , God told Adam not to eat of the tree. Who do you think told Eve? Did Adam fall over and die the minute he ate the fruit? We have talked about "days. God condemned pronounced sentence, told what his punishment would be Adam and Eve before they had children.

By the time the children were born, Adam and Eve were no longer perfect. Psalm says, "In sin did my mother conceive me. Romans says, "As by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned. Sin and its punishment began in Eden. They have continued on earth for 6, years.

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  • This long period of human suffering is described, spoken about, as a night-time of weeping crying. Psalm gives us hope. It will not last forever. Man will always remember that it is very important to obey. Did Adam and Eve have children while they were perfect, or were the children born after Adam and Eve had become imperfect? Do imperfect parents have perfect children? When Eve heard God say this, she was happy.

    God's Plan for Man's Salvation

    When her baby boy was born, she named him Cain. She said, "I have gotten a man from the Lord. But the Son of Man who would deliver mankind was Jesus. Revelation tells what Jesus will do to the serpent.

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    I Corinthians , 26 tells what Jesus will do about death. Why was Eve happy when she heard God speaking to the serpent? Who did Eve think would deliver her family from Satan?

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    Who do you think will deliver all mankind from Satan? Looking at the three scriptures we read here, what do you expect Jesus to do in the Kingdom? About 2, years after God told the serpent there would be a Deliverer, God told Abram Abraham that all the families of the earth would be blessed through him and his seed. God tested Abraham to know if he would obey. Genesis This was a very difficult hard test. But Abraham was willing to obey. And so God confirmed the promise with an oath. This was the strongest way there was to show Abraham that God would never change his mind.

    God would surely, positively, definitely do what he had promised. As Jesus was the son of Mary, he was the seed of Eve. As Jesus was a Jew he was the seed of Abraham. In the New Testament, Galatians ,8 says that all who are of faith are children of Abraham; not only Jews are now considered to be, counted as being, children of Abraham. Galatians Those who believe in Jesus and live as he did serving and pleasing God will bless the people of the earth.

    As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Was Abraham obedient to God? In what way? Who else are considered "children of Abraham"?

    What does I Corinthians ,22 say? The Savior and Salvation. When Jesus was born, an angel announced told, said that he was to be the Savior the one who would save men from sin and death.