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Qinghai Baojiantang Pharmaceutical Co. Qinghan Hongwei Bioengineering Company. Shaanxi Wanan Pharmaceutical Co. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Corp. A Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters was created in the Hyogo Prefectural office within an hour after the quake, but its disaster preparedness plan imagined a much less challenging scenario. But accounts differ sharply on the cause, passing blame back and forth between politicians and soldiers, and between the central government and the affected localities. Some are more direct; they say that the delay was caused by the ideological rigidity of a left-wing prime minister and governor.

We had approached him before the quake, but he refused to cooperate with us. Governor Kaihara acknowledges that he was roundly criticized for his handling of the disaster response. He says the problem was structural:. Under the Meiji Constitution, the central government would handle all natural disasters, directing the prefectures and municipalities as necessary.

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That was the extent of it. When the Local Autonomy Law and the new constitution came into effect, however, there was decentralization of police and other functions.