Mr. Browne and the Rose Show

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The tweeter inside is downward-firing, designed so that you have even dispersion, indoors or outdoors. Vocals and bass come out strong with the built-in mid-woofer. The speaker drivers benefit from the power of two Class-D digital amplifiers. The Move is also waterproof, dust-proof, drop-resistant and tough as nails. I know, because I saw the abuse the Sonos folks put the Move through in their tests and research. It is somewhat heavy. The handle they designed for the Move was created to address this heft. With the Move get the easy Sonos setup.

Wifi and Bluetooth is switchable with a push of a button behind the Move. Battery life is 10 hours away from the charger, which is this ring the Move sits on. It is an elegant charging solution. When the lithium-ion battery inside the Move no longer holds a charge after an estimated three years or charges, according to Sonos , Sonos will also do a battery swap for a fee.

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That is very reassuring, in this world of electronic devices where the device dies with the death of a battery. Another cool feature is Auto Trueplay. This allows the Move to figure out where it is in your room or outdoors, and adapt the sound to the environment. If you plonk them on a shelf, for example, it will optimise the sound from that spot.

Foxy Brown (rapper)

If you lug it outdoors, it will sense that and give you the right sound for that. What is lacking in the Move? Pity, because I can imagine them being used as a handy pair of surrounds as and when I need to watch a movie with a Sonos Beam as my TV speaker. Sorry, bass heads. I also wish the battery life was more than 10 hours. The size and weight of the Move can also be a hindrance, I feel. I suspect it is more of a speaker you throw in the car for a road trip, than a speaker you carry on a plane.

There is also the price. This is not a cheap Bluetooth speaker you can buy from the discount bin of a computer store. But you do get an excellent speaker that sounds, and is physically, robust. And plays nice with the rest of the Sono eco-system. That may be enough reason to get one. You can find out more about the Sonos Move and purchase it from trysonos.

There is a contest too! We finally get the T2 sequel we deserve.

Mr Browne And The Rose Show

I know, the bar is low. But it was a really fun ride. The action set pieces were spot on. Some of the CG was a little weak in small places, like one or two face-transformations but it was not Gemini Man level bad. And wow. Linda Hamilton really stole the show. So glad she is back. I want to look like this kind of Merdeka Generation. Maybe it is me getting older and grumpier but I totally connected with the cranky badassery that Sarah Connor brought to the table. The new Terminator Rev-9 looks sufficiently dangerous.

You could say he is twice the man the others were.

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Arnold is back this time too. He has appeared in the other sequels before but I like this version of him. He brings a quiet strength to the movie and has some of the funniest lines. Mackenzie Davis was also a delight to watch.

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Her lean, statuesque figure was a nice contrast to the brute force of the Rev-9 when they fought. Grace was a good name for her. I also liked the subtle details like the surgical lines on her body.

As far as I am concerned, Dark Fate is the true Terminator 3. Is Terminator: Dark Fate better than Terminator 2? That is a difficult movie to follow. But Dark Fate holds its own.

Mr. Browne and the Rose Show : A Child's Perception of "Different"

Kim Huat rants about the latest public fare hike and also reflects on the public transport systems in other cities. A pigeon flew onto my table just as the cleaning auntie came to take away my plates and cup. And looked at me.

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We were waiting to see what Joaquin Phoenix was going to do with the Joker movie, and he did not disappoint. However, I am not sure if I like the movie. I can't decide, like my friend Gwee.

One the one hand, it is a powerful piece of drama. On the other hand, it is a dark and depressing tale. And it is even out-darks The Dark Knight. Gemini Man was an average and predictable action film with some horrible CG scenes.

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Especially the ones with "young" Will Smith. So jarring, the CG. It is Superman-in-Justice-League-no-moustache-mouth bad. In 3D at frames-per-second fps and 4K resolution, the flaws are even more obvious. It is like watching a bad TV movie.

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Sasha threatens to play the recording when Jody messes Sasha's things and refuses to tidy up. Toni announces to Billie that she doesn't want to be fostered and Jody hides Sasha's jacket when Sasha refuses to delete the recording until Jody leaves her room. Billie and Floss lock Toni in the shed and Billie pretends to be herself and Toni to the social worker.

Dexter and Archie let Toni out of the shed and the social worker realises what Billie has done and Billie and Toni are both annoyed with each other. Floss tells Toni that despite having a mother, she would like a family and Jody and Sasha apologise to one another. When the Harper's visit so Billie can talk to them, Toni decides she wants to live with the Harper's and they move in with the Harper's.