Mujeres en la Antigüedad Clásica. Género, poder y conflicto (Silex Universidad) (Spanish Edition)

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Non-Arab Moslem countries: Iran. The Shiites. The Arab Uprisings of A historical and political Reassessment, Boulder, Westview Press, UOC, Del colonialismo al islamismo, Barcelona, Universitat, Movies The Green Bicycle , H. Persepolis , M. Satrapi, V. Nasser , M. We will explore contemporary issues affecting the institutions that provide healthcare and the people who seek health services.

We will also look into the how international development takes place and is developed, why it is necessary, and how it is related to healthcare. The material will be covered with classroom lectures, discussions, assigned readings, a documentary screening and a written analysis of a specific international development healthcare initiative. Introduction: What are international development, official development assistance and issues related to healthcare? A history of international development from World War II to the present with a look at decolonization and the cold war.

A look at different healthcare models and the state of medicine around the globe.

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What is the role of international development on international relations and the role of the UN, G countries and other international organizations. An in-depth look into how international development happens and how projects come to fruition from the creation of a project to the financing and execution. Key issues for international development and their effect on regional health.


A look into specific cases of international development both successful and not and analysis of the same. What does the future hold for international development as a whole and more specifically, healthcare initiatives and possible consequences. The following online resources will be used for additional reference materials: The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation — a non-profit, non-partisan private operating foundation focused on major healthcare issues in the US and global health policy.

An SLR digital camera with full manual functions is required. We will learn about how to better control our cameras, fundamental photographic techniques and the history of photography and apply this knowledge to the myths and stories based here. We will also explore the city and its surroundings during field trips and learn to look at images critically and critique them in a group setting.

Students will be required to have their own digital camera with fully manual options including the ability to change the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. The material will be covered with classroom lectures, assigned readings, a documentary screening, photography assignments to be critiqued by the class and in-class excursions in Seville and the surrounding areas. Students will be required to use the Flickr. Introduction: Learning about your camera and the city.

A brief history of photography and introduction to myths and legends of Seville. Professional photography: Advertising, photojournalism and fine art photography. Composition: what elements go into making a good image. Light: an introduction to studio lighting and the use of flash.

Exposure: the secrets behind properly exposed images. Portraits: what is portraiture and how great ones are made.

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An introduction to online media and the role of photography in the 21st century. Photo narrative: how to set up and execute a coherent photo story. Literary Seville, exploring the literary history of the city through images. In terms of an Advanced-Level Course, students would need to keep abreast of grammatical circumstances concerning variants within the language, as well as issues related to the interaction of norms and usage. Likewise, students will be expected to acquire a certain degree of knowledge of the theoretical dimension of Grammar so as to ensure further understanding of the constructions to be employed within practical communication.

As a complementary aspect of their grounding, with guidance from lecturers, students will carry out the following kind of high-profile, keynote activities: for example, a critical review of selected bibliographical titles; research into, and analysis of, grammatical constructions which appear in present-day texts in Spanish. The Grammatical Sentence. Parts of the Sentence. Simple Sentences and Complex Sentences: their Structure. The Noun Phrase.

The Substantive. Number and Gender. Determiners and their Use. Personal Pronouns. Values and Uses of the Form se. The Verb Phrase. Expressing the Past. The Future and the Conditional. The Indicative and the Subjunctive. Their Use in Simple Sentences. Their Use in Complex Sentences. Their Interaction with Conjunctions.

The Verbs ser and estar. Periphrastic Verb Forms. Other Prepositions. Salamanca: Universidad de Salamanca, BUTT, J.

London: Edward Arnold, Madrid: SGEL, Nivel de perfeccionamiento. Hablar y escribir correctamente. Moreover, two exams will be set, one mid-way through the semester, and the other at its close.

Las mujeres en la prehistoria

Juan M. In order to reach the proposed objective, Standard Spanish will be used as a point of departure while, when necessary, on a contrastive basis, account will be taken of social and dialectal variants, together with other languages, especially English. In methodological terms, articulatory as well as acoustic criteria will be used in the definition of sounds and phonemes. The exploration of the phonological component of the language will largely be based on the theory of binary features developed by R. Jakobson and M.

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Acoustic Phonetics. The Range of Descriptive Systems. Phonetic Transcription. The Phonetic System of Spanish..