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Dean: Witnesses have more than they had against Nixon. Trump says he knows 'nothing' about alleged call with Sondland. Turkish president defends actions in Syria despite warnings. Witnesses say what they think Giuliani was up to in Ukraine.

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Taylor's opening statement was 40 mins. Hear the key moments. See witnesses' response to Trump's all caps tweet. Jim Jordan to Taylor: You're their star witness. Toobin calls this testimony moment a 'bombshell' revelation. I went through the transcript and picked out the lines you should see. Let's get into it. We have that concept and we have a point at the top -- it's a little complicated; nobody cares -- but without the structural beam because the structural beam is in a different location. Both have advantages. Donald Trump on border wall fencing which is both a a little complicated and b not a subject of much interest.

And away we go!

I autographed one of the bollards. Somewhere near the San Diego-Mexico border, there is a concrete bollard with Donald Trump's signature on it. Because, why not?! That's a lot of bollards. So, that's pretty good. They did a fantastic job.

Off the rails: Hanoi closes trackside cafes thronged by selfie-seeking tourists - Reuters

The question Trump was asked was about the White House's decision to pull the nomination of Jeffrey Byard as FEMA director following revelations about his involvement in a bar fight. So, uh, Trump didn't answer the question. That was a news conference that was given.

source url And we're throwing out many different ideas to Republicans and Democrats -- see where they all come out. And that was a document that you were talking -- I haven't seen that document. Trump was asked about a draft proposal on gun control being shopped by Attorney General Bill Barr and White House legislative affairs head Eric Ueland.

Which he apparently hasn't seen? Some -- some they like, some they don't like. Just a series of concepts and ideas.

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To be clear: These "ideas" are being shopped by Trump's attorney general and his head liaison with Congress but they have nothing to do with him! Just a series of concepts!