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Mooring is one of the most complex and dangerous operations for ship and terminal crew. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be severe. More Information. The purpose of this publication is to help ships plan their voyage and to detect, avoid, deter, delay and report attacks. Experience has shown application of the recommendations in this publication makes a significant difference to the safety of seafarers.

First Edition This new publication provides recommendations, best practice and guidance on the safety of cargo handling and associated operations on board F P SO facilities.

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Fourth Edition Mooring a ship to a berth is a common function for the maritime industry, however incidents that harm ship and terminal personnel still occur. This publication establishes recommended minimum requirements that will help ship designers, terminal designers, ship operators and mooring line manufacturers improve the design, performance and safety of mooring systems.

Second Edition This document provides recommendations on the layout, strength and fittings for gas carrier manifolds. Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations provides guidance on equipment and procedures for mooring and transferring crude oil and other petroleum products between offshore terminals and offtake tankers, in particular F P SO and SPM buoy terminals and conventional and DP tankers. This book is designed to promote compatibility and harmonisation between offshore terminals and offtake tankers so that cargo can be transferred safely. It will be essential reading for tanker technical operators, terminal operators, tanker- and terminal-based personnel, offshore project development teams, regulatory officials and anyone involved in these operations.

Ship Operation

This book will be of interest to anyone who deals with oil and chemical tanker manifolds and their associated equipment and will be of interest to individuals, and teams, designing, constructing and repairing ships. There is no established requirement for this group of maritime professionals and the objective of these Guidelines is to provide a competence baseline that can be applied internationally. This guide describes recommended best practices for managing and operating ocean and inland barges, towboats and tugs that carry and transport crude oil and petroleum products in bulk.

The focus is on operations within the USA, but much of the guidance may be relevant to barge operations in other parts of North America and in other regions. Includes an add-in application to customise the guide for each specific terminal and to manage training records.

The Guide provides advice for Masters, Marine Superintendents and others, such as STS service providers and transfer organisers, involved in the planning and execution of STS operations.

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Particular attention is given to the effective planning of operations and aspects including risk assessment, ship compatibility, and the management of workloads to minimise fatigue. This programme has been developed as a tool to help operators of offshore vessels to assess, measure and improve their management systems.

These systems encompass all activities undertaken by the company, including technical, operational, personnel and HSE, both on board and ashore. This guide provides STS service providers with the essential elements of a good safety and environmental management system to cover STS operations. It gives additional guidance on all these elements, including industry guidance e. The content will support STS service providers to identify practical measures to improve their management systems, where appropriate.

This publication provides recommendations and guidance to promote the safe operation and satisfactory performance of anchoring systems. This publication provides information and guidance on good practice to assist with the planning, design, operations, maintenance and inspection of multi-buoy moorings. In this text, account has been taken of the latest thinking on a number of issues including the generation of static electricity and stray currents.

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