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View by: Time Thread. Politics can get rather nasty at times, with politicians throwing out lies and dishonest statements that could negatively impact children, resulting in them making important decisions based upon faulty if not flat out wrong information. As such it seems only fitting that any official political content be immediately and irrevocably removed from any and all online platforms.

Refusal to do so will be considered an admission that politicians care more about themselves than children, and as this is a blatant power-grab under the guise of a 'think of the children' political ploy I'm sure that none of the politicians involved would have any objections to setting a good example by going first. That's just an Internet company tax delivered with a raspberry.

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No point in wasting money on actually trying to do the impossible, you'll have to pay up anyway. Ah, but there is no limit on how many times a year that they can be fined that percentage, and being fined that once a month would soon put a company out of business. Well, it would for any company stupid enough to stick around anyway, as I imagine one or two fines of that size would quickly convince a company that it's simply not worth the risk operating in the UK, resulting in a removal of all asserts from the country and if they really felt like twisting the knife a message to all soon-to-be former users that service would no longer be offered thanks to the law.

I suspect that upon a service like Youtube or Facebook telling their UK users that they could no longer risk operating in the country the cries of outrage at the politicians who passed the idiotic law would be quite impressive. I am sure you could stretch the period between fines significantly by judicious application of hookers and blow. Think of the children! At such a high rate it might be cheaper to just blacklist the UK and not service the country anymore.

Also it heads off other countries trying the same in response. To which I respond snippet tax If those with power and influence can see an advantage in a bad idea, they will implement it. The entirety or Europe is trying damned hard to kick out US tech companies or get rich trying without realizing they're also preventing local companies from filling the void with their silly rules. This new one does sound distinctly British though.

If Monty Python was still doing skit comedy in the internet age I have no doubt he would have come up with this before the UK government did.

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True enough, but it could be worse. Essentially that could make hosting any UK platform allowing commentary outright unlawful in practice.

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A vague set of phrases to test content that can easily be over-applied, leading to ridiculous results? That sounds familiar Oh yeah:. This definition is of course open to wide interpretation. I'll bet there some people stupid enough to think that the video nasties were effectively banned by those rules as well. Anyone stupid enough not to recognise that this is the Tories doing the crap they did during the Thatcher era will sadly be the kind stupid enough not to understand that they'd do the same and worse outside of the EU. The UK under-the-table political shenanigans are some of the most toxic in the G The US doesn't come close, or even the EU for that matter.

The thatcher era wasn't the start of that either. I doubt there has been a single british prime minister not actively hostile to the concept of democracy since well before the victorian age. Every british PM seems to have that gruff voice of John Bull in the back of their heads, eager to discard the voices of the unwashed lower class i. Facebook should have a requirement that only users who are over 18 can use it or view it. How they could do this for uk users is hard to say, not everyone has a credit card.

IS there not some requirement on parents to control what young children see on the internet. And the uk is bringing a law that all uk users will have to register to view adult content on the web. And when it go,s into force. Interesting requirement. That would lead to something like Pokemon parties and might encourage larger family units.

Someone needs to make the law makers explain exactly how this is to be accomplished.

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Just because they saw it on tv or in a movie doesn't mean its possible today. They claim it is so easy, so how about they show us how easy it is. Sincer appologizes to the majority of the UK population or at least those who aren't bonedead stupid, which I assume is most of them. However they can rest easy knowning that this is for the children. So they don't have to be exposted to this horrific merger of stupidity and censorship.

Or I guess you should just admit tha the world has bad things in it and going way out of ones way to hide the existance of the bad things from children would just hinder them with an unrealistic point of view, which they may be able to over come. But I mean that'd be just crazy talk.

I mean actual talking to you children about why something's bad, and what you can do to deal with living in a non perfect world would require a semi mature adult to act as the parent. And who has the time or resources to do that. Come on, be realistic. Johnson is not even a month in office. Rome wasn't ransacked in a day. If it's any consolation to you: Internet companies already played quite a role in getting the Brexit on the way and in washing country-destroying populists into the driver seat of several governments.

Pretty sure a strong case could be made that Donald Trumps twitter feed could "seriously impair minors"? Making Non-reality and Placid environments as Boring as ever. Im starting to feel like a Dairy cow..

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Build me a ladder to the moon, look I have a proof of concept, these three ladders lashed together, just add to it until we reach the moon. OK go.

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Companys can just move all assets outside the uk, they could move servers to luxembourg or another eu country , britain will be no longer a eu member state in 12 months. Many tech companys are based in the republic of ireland which has is not under the jurisdiction of uk law. However, the two biggest video sharing platforms, YouTube and dailymotion, are not in Britain, so they are not subject to British laws.

What I find strange is that all the internet companies just sit back and let countries pass these regulations while the most they do is try to drum up support for opposition to them. If they truly wanted to stop them, block the countries involved from accessing their service and send them a note;. Whenever someone from those areas tries to access their account, they would receive the message; "We're sorry, but your government has made it impossible for us to continue to offer our service in your country.

If you are displeased about this, I suggest you let your elected officials know. Of course internet companies won't ever do that because they can't stand the thought of losing subscribers even for a few days. I can't think of the name. Also, the L'il John Wand - I think that's what it's called. It's a tube with a spiral telephone cord in it that's attached to the ends.

Works kind of like the Topsy Popsy Wand. Pat Page has some terrific advice for the breakaway wand on his "Funny Business with kids" video. Some great business that I've started using with the wand. Ron Reid. It was an impulse purchase while in getting some Chlorox 2. I think it will be a fun prop to play with during a warm up or perhaps do a parody of a feather bouquet production. I will let you know how it plays out after next weeks shows. Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh drlaugh4u gmail. I just sold a wand on e-bay called SuperNova. It is a wand with a photo flash unit built into one end.

A small pushbutton mounted on the wand activated the flash strobe. Could be repeated every 5 seconds. Very nice prop. Nothing of the same will bring any change, take action today! Just taking a step, is a step in the right direction because when you stop working, your dream dies.

I am weak, and cannot resist a wand joke - stmargarets

Posted: May 31, pm. I also have a gag I do with the breakaway wand were I take it out folded up and peddle it like a bike, then then I snap it out and make it stay upright. I give it to the kid and it breaks and I have to do it all over. This gag is a real hit. Quote: On , flourish dude wrote: Zectron do you know where to get more of these?

Wooden spoon wand: turns into a wooden spoon with a silly face on it.