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Knopf She can currently be found working with the band L. I recently sat down with Lorraine to talk about her career and influences. She is without a doubt a very interesting character.

Mike Thorn Interviews Niall Howell, Author of Only Pretty Damned – Mike Thorn

With her debut aptly titled Rise Above, the Mexican rocker Poc proves to the world that she can do just that. As a teen, when her budding career as a professional ballet dancer was cut short by an accident, she focused in on the music that she had loved from the young age of five. Thal was s Finding herself far from home for the first time in her life, the talented songstress set out to show the world what she is made of.

Featuring a mix of tracks heavily in Spanish as well as in English, this debut has a global appeal that is hard to deny. The first single off the album, "Rock-n-roll Baby" gave fans a chance to participate in the recording by submitting their own backing vocals via Skype. At twenty, the English native is set to take the country music world by storm with songs like "No Doubts", "Sunshine", and "Taylor" written for Taylor Swift.

Presiding Over the Damned – Interview at The Big Thrill

It was an honor to have the chance to sit down with such a dedicated artist at the very beginning of his rise to the top. Bo Bice first came to the attention of his fans everywhere when he finished second to Carrie Underwood on the fourth season of "American Idol". Since then he has enjoyed a successful solo career.

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Croce son of Jim Croce on keyboard. Lansdale she herself was published at Random House by the age of 8, the story which has been formed into a screenplay she is also a well-established country artist who can be found on the road most of the time.

The Damned – Andrew Pyper

When not touring internationally, she works as the newest staff writer at Music Row Publishing House. Some of the best writers in Nashville show up on the tracks on this one with Bob DiPiero, Roxie Dean, and Victoria Banks lending their various styles to the mix. Lansdale joins forces co-writing with Arlos Smith and Clute on one of the five tracks as well. Adam Hamilton is a sessions artist, songwriter, and music producer. His album credits include such artists as Poison, L. The band came together when some of the group was living in the small town of Normal, Illinois playing house parties and decided to take the act to Chicago where they met and were joined by Chad and his childhood friend, Danny Smash.

Before being signed to Eleven Seven Music, they had independently sold well over 10, records, toured in over seventeen countries and were designated the official music of Kyle Busch Motor Sports. Hed P. Hed was formed in in Huntington Beach, CA. They have nine albums to date including one live album and one compilation. The music fuses styles like hip hop, reggae, punk rock, and heavy metal.

I recently caught up with Jared for the latest on their work. Yes, now that I think about it was definitely these two things, because the only other explanation would be that I, like Toby, am a total curmudgeon, which I refuse to believe is the case.

This book engages with genre in interesting ways—it draws from a wide-ranging lineage of crime and Gothic writers I saw echoes of James M. This prospect seemed so rife with potential to me. Corruption, transgression, delusional, haunted people struggling to find their place.

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  • I definitely found the genres made for a great mix. Niall: Oh man, what a loaded question! As far as novelists go, you nailed it when you mentioned Jim Thompson, James M.

    Cain, Stephen King and James Ellroy. Beyond that, the work of Ed Brubaker was a huge influence on the book. I drew upon both classic noir and neo-noir, and, of course, Hitchcock. I think I owe a lot to music as well. Nick Cave and Tom Waits are great storytellers.

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    I also have to mention 80s punk, and in particular X, one of my favourite bands. Their music has a lot of thematic crossover with noir. You achieved an amazingly immersive sense of time and place! What did your research process look like? Did you outline the novel in advance? Niall: Thanks!

    I think my love for books and films from or set in the s and s helped, but, yeah, I certainly did have to do a lot of research, especially when it came to the circus stuff. Before I started writing I was watching documentaries and reading books on circus history. But then I reached a point where I realized if I was going to wait until I was a circus aficionado before I started writing, well, it would be a long time before things got rolling. So, once I felt I had a passable level of understanding when it came to the ins and outs of circus life, I just started writing, but I was continually researching throughout the entire process.

    There were so many little things to figure out, not only in terms of historical accuracy and the way I represented the circus, but also logistically, given that the circus I was writing about was always on the move. Needless to say, I spent lots of time flipping and scrolling my way through old photos and city maps. My publisher, NeWest Press, was very helpful with this as well.

    Interview with P.C. Darkcliff About Writing and His Debut Novel, Deception of the Damned

    The icing on the cake is that in addition to them providing vital guidance with the historical stuff, I now also know a bunch of ultra-obscure s trivia. I knew who the characters were, I knew where the story started, and I had a feeling about how it ended, but not much beyond that. How did you find that balance?