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We value marriage. The marital commitment is a foundation of strong families.

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While divorce may be the least bad alternative for a damaged marriage, today's high divorce rate is a troubling sign for families. We value marriage as an equal partnership, based on shared commitment, compromise and responsibility, not domination or inequality.

We value children. We see in children our hopes for the future.

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While recognizing the primary responsibility of parents in child rearing, we also affirm that raising children is more than a series of private choices — it is also a social imperative that should be supported by other social institutions, by the workplace, and by public policy. We value parents.

Parents are a child's first and most influential teachers, and a child's major providers of love, guidance and protection. The parental role is socially invaluable and irreplaceable; it should be honored and supported by society. Parenthood is a serious responsibility that should not be entered into lightly or casually.

While many divorced or widowed parents are admirably successful ones, few would deny that the duties of parenthood are best met by two parents working together in marriage. Bringing a child into the world outside of marriage, or when parents are too young or unprepared to be real parents, is almost always personally and socially harmful.

We value our elders. Caring for our elders is one of the family's most important functions — one that should be facilitated and encouraged by other social institutions and by public policy. This means that I'm committed to a life of faithful obedience that is focused on eternal and not external, temporal things. Big Rocks.

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Student of life, be I ran out of time. For a year I intended to write about turning 50 - a contemplative, insightful piece extolling the wisdom gained from living for half a century, but in a few days I'll be Gone the way of shoulder pads and stirrup pants, like it or not, the time has passed. Driving with Dad. My parents taught me to be grateful, graceful, and obedient. At times I wasn't one or two of them. Over time, these values became easier to abide by and I'm grateful for the lessons.

Thinking beyond yourself, doing your part, getting involved and giving to others knowing that when you are in need, it will come back to you Just kidding about that last part. I'd never deny you croissants. And then I got pregnant. I just never expected it to. Relationships and Values in the Laissez-Faire Culture. In the United States, the societal structure is overly individualistic. Especially in certain geographic areas like the Northeast, individualism and self-centered values are to an extent that pushes one towards selfishness and loneliness. By Amanda Terkel. We all grow up with a certain set of values.

Our families of origin have a tremendous influence on our lives, and although some values may be later deemed unnecessary, or need to be adjusted, others are still viable and have great impact. The Intended Consequences of Paid Leave. By Ellen Bravo and Sen. Gayle Goldin , Contributors. As a nation, we hold strong families among our highest values.

Yet for millions of Americans, being a good parent to their children or good children to their parents too often leads to financial disaster. A family and medical leave insurance program will go a long way toward changing that. The Tradition of Charity. By Ralph Nader , Contributor Consumer advocate, lawyer and author.

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In my book, The Seventeen Traditions , I wrote about the ideals my parents passed along to my siblings and me. If at any point a tribe member was not in the "Attack Zone" when they made contact with their opponent, they will be disqualified and the tribe will lose a basket to their opposing tribe. First tribe to steal ten baskets would win. Reward: A visit from the Thai Red Beret Special Forces Soldiers, who would help improve living conditions back at camp for twenty-four hours.

Winner: Chuay Gahn. Challenge: Temple Transfer Each tribe was given three stations and one temple made up of six pieces.

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The goal was to transfer one piece of the temple at a time from the first to the third platform and reconstruct the temple identically. The catch was that they could never place a larger piece over a smaller piece. First tribe to successfully rebuild their temple would win. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. John 16th. Tanya 15th. Jed 14th.