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This manual presents 99 one-sheet informational brochures designed to improve parenting skills. Each brochure is in a format suitable for duplicating, folding, and distributing. Each parenting " tactic " offers references to related brochures. Skill and tactical development during a sport education season. The purpose of this study was to examine the development of skill competence and tactical sophistication during a games unit conducted following the features of sport education provided by Siedentop One team of six players was followed through a lesson season of "Ultimate.

Furthermore, lower skilled students did not feel marginalized within their teams and believed they had equal opportunities for improvement. The key reasons for developing competence in this setting were the sufficient length of the season to allow for significant practice opportunities and the consistent team membership throughout season, which allowed all players to develop a sense of usefulness. This curriculum model provides one way students can develop skills through a system of game playing, provided sport education units are structured to prevent the more skillful players from dominating the games.

Technical and tactical skills related to performance levels in tennis: A systematic review. The aim of this systematic review is to provide an overview of outcome measures and instruments identified in the literature for examining technical and tactical skills in tennis related to performance levels. Such instruments can be used to identify talent or the specific skill development training needs of particular players.

Out of publications identified through these searches, 40 articles were considered relevant and included in this study. They were divided into three categories: 1 technical skills , 2 tactical skills and 3 integrated technical and tactical skills.

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There was strong evidence that technical skills ball velocity and to a lesser extent ball accuracy and tactical skills decision making, anticipation, tactical knowledge and visual search strategies differed among players according to their performance levels. However, integrated measurement of these skills is required, because winning a point largely hinges on a tactical decision to perform a particular stroke i. Therefore, future research should focus on examining the relationship between these skills and tennis performance and on the development of integrated methods for measuring these skills.

PubMed Central. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between offensive tactical knowledge and the soccer-specific motor skills performance. Fifteen participants were submitted to two evaluation tests, one to assess their technical and tactical analysis. The motor skills performance was measured through four tests of technical soccer skills : ball control, shooting, passing and dribbling. Afterwards, technical and tactical evaluation scores were ranked with and without the use of the cluster method.

We can conclude that there was a weak association between the technical and the offensive tactical knowledge.

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This shows the need to reflect on the use of such tests to assess technical skills in team sports since they do not take into account the variability and unpredictability of game actions and disregard the inherent needs to assess such skill performance in the game. Ordnance News. Los Alamos National Laboratory has proven to be a challenging and rewarding assignment in which I have found myself at the cutting edge of technologies pertinent to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal career field.

Army EOD led task force explodes thousands of rounds of unexploded ordnance

Context: The ability to demonstrate sound clinical reasoning is needed for a practicing athletic trainer. However, instruction on how to make a correct clinical decision may be deficient in many athletic training programs. Objective: To provide an overview of how to teach technical and tactical skills , using both a tradition and a nontraditional….

Development of perceived competence, tactical skills , motivation, technical skills , and speed and agility in young soccer players. The objective of this 1-year, longitudinal study was to examine the development of perceived competence, tactical skills , motivation, technical skills , and speed and agility characteristics of young Finnish soccer players. We also examined associations between latent growth models of perceived competence and other recorded variables. Players completed the self-assessments of perceived competence, tactical skills , and motivation, and participated in technical, and speed and agility tests.

Positive relationships were found between these levels and changes in perceived competence and motivation, and levels of perceived competence and speed and agility characteristics. Together these results illustrate the multi-dimensional nature of talent development processes in soccer. Moreover, it seems crucial in coaching to support the development of perceived competence and motivation in young soccer players and that it might be even more important in later maturing players.

Skills and offensive tactics used in pick-up basketball games. The purpose of this study was to describe skills and offensive tactics frequently used in pick-up basketball games. An observational instrument was developed to analyze the performances of pick-up games. Participants' performances were videotaped and coded. Results indicated that the passing skills most frequently observed in the games were chest pass, overhead pass, and bounce pass. For dribbling, crossover dribble and change-of-pace dribble were frequently observed.

Jump shot, set shot, and layup were also frequently used. The offensive tactics frequently used included drive, cut, and set screen. The study may be beneficial for helping young people prepare to play pick-up basketball games. Tactical medical skill requirements for law enforcement officers: a year analysis of line-of-duty deaths. The purpose of this study is to better describe the nature of potentially preventable law enforcement Line-of-Duty Deaths LODDs occurring as a result of felonious assaults.

After applying exclusion criteria, victim officers were included in the study. There were victim officers that suffered potentially preventable deaths; the majority of these injuries involved the chest. Over the year study period, only two officers 0.

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The current emphasis of TCCC on control of exsanguinating extremity hemorrhage may not meet the needs of law enforcement personnel in an environment with expedited access to well-developed trauma systems. Further study is needed to better examine the causes of preventable deaths in law enforcement officers, as well as the most appropriate law enforcement tactical medical skill set and treatment priorities. Explosives Dissolved from Unexploded Ordnance.

Conductivity sensor mm ordnance Nalgene bottle Water sample access 29 The water samples were analyzed with an ion chromatography Figure Relationship between the ion conductivity measurements made on water samples and electrical conductivity measurements for one of. Optical ordnance system for use in explosive ordnance disposal activities. A portable hand-held solid state rod laser system and an optically-ignited detonator have been developed for use in explosive ordnance disposal EOD activities.

Laser prototypes from Whittaker Ordnance and Universal Propulsion have been tested and evaluated. The laser is designed to have an output of mJ in a microsecond pulse. This output allows firing through meters of optical fiber. The detonator can also be ignited with a portable laser diode source through a shorter length of fiber. The purpose of this study was to examine skill levels and performance patterns of regular players of pick-up basketball games. By a survey, 65 participants were identified as regular players and participated in the study.

An observational instrument used to analyze game performance of the participants was developed and both content and construct…. Most motor development experts, teacher educators, and physical educators agree that the development of fundamental motor skills ought to be the focus of primary level K-2nd grade physical education. Given the limited number of days allocated for physical education in most elementary schools, ensuring that all students learn or more….

Tactical Airlift in SEA.

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  • However, the ALO was concerned with tactical air operations Isuch as delivery of ordnance and close air support Self-controlled video feedback on tactical skills for soccer teams results in more active involvement of players. Many studies have shown that self-controlled feedback is beneficial for learning motor tasks, and that learners prefer to receive feedback after supposedly good trials. However, to date all studies conducted on self-controlled learning have used individual tasks and mainly relatively simple skills. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine self-controlled feedback on tactical skills in small-sided soccer games.

    Highly talented youth soccer players were assigned to a self-control or yoked group and received video feedback on their offensive performance in 3 vs. The results showed that the self-control group requested feedback mostly after good trials, that is, after they scored a goal. In addition, the perceived performance of the self-control group was higher on feedback than on no-feedback trials.

    Analyses of the conversations around the video feedback revealed that the players and coach discussed good and poor elements of performance and how to improve it. Although the coach had a major role in these conversations, the players of the self-control group spoke more and showed more initiative compared to the yoked group. The results revealed no significant beneficial effect of self-controlled feedback on performance as judged by the coach. Overall, the findings suggest that in such a complex situation as small-sided soccer games, self-controlled feedback is used both to confirm correct performance elements and to determine and correct errors, and that self-controlled learning stimulates the involvement of the learner in the learning process.

    All rights reserved. A probe recall short-term retention task was used to test the applicability of the "phonological recoding" Conrad, and "flexible decoding" Smith, models to processing tactics used by readers of Chinese. Subjects were 45 adult speakers of Cantonese. Stimuli were lists of Chinese characters which varied in terms of phonological and….

    Tactical Infrasound. Materials were also received from the and Infrasonic Technology Workshops and Systems to Tactical Acoustic Sys- tems One issue to be considered in the evaluation of a p otential tactical infra - sonic system is the ability to Communication range Fixed Fixed 5 km 7. Flight demonstration of laser diode initiated ordnance.

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    A program has been initiated by NASA Headquarters to validate laser initiated ordnance in flight applications. The primary program goal is to bring together a team of government and industry members to develop a laser initiated ordnance system having the test and analysis pedigree to be flown on launch vehicles. The culmination of this effort was a flight of the Pegasus launch vehicle which had two fin rockets initiated by this laser system.